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The Top Shows Like The Good Place – Don’t Miss Out!

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Holy shirt balls, The Good Place fans! The show recently came to its dramatic conclusion and final season after only four short but undeniably sweet seasons. The great thing about The Good Place is that it ended before character development fell flat and the writing got significantly less witty. So we can all agree that the fourth season was great.

If you’re at a loss for what to watch next, you’re not alone. I mean, you want it to be a forking good time, because otherwise, it’s totally not worth it. After all, with such a loveable cast, it’s tough to move on to something else when you’re not sure it’ll live up to the last thing you watched.

If you loved The Good Place, there are a few other shows that share similar elements you may enjoy. All of these similar shows are fun, unique, and memorable in their own special ways.

Veronica Mars

veronica mars

Before she was the good person Eleanor Shellstrop, Kristen Bell was known as Veronica Mars. Her teen detective years were full of dark, twisty cases and she had quite the cult following.

This show isn’t as bubbly as The Good Place, but if you love the quippy, pop culture references, and subtle humor, there’s plenty to go around. You’ll get a tickle out of Veronica Mars and her case cracking genius.

You can stream Veronica Mars on Hulu streaming service.

Russian Doll

russian doll

If you fell in love with Eleanor, you’ll fall in love with Nadia, too. Both strong female leads have serious character flaws that make them less than perfect. However, through their deaths, they learn to be better.

Much like Eleanor is forced to repeat the same experiment over and over in the second season as well, Nadia is stuck in a time loop, forcing her to relive her 36th birthday and her death. She’s on a mission to figure out what happened to her in hopes that it will end the loop.

You can currently stream Russian Doll on Netflix with a subscription.

Pushing Daisies

pushing daisies

This adorable, short-lived show is also about our power over death. Ned is a man who can revive the dead with one touch and he uses this power to solve murders. However, when he brings back his childhood crush, he can’t touch her again, or she’ll die again – for good.

The whimsical quality of Pushing Daisies is similar to that of The Good Place, offering a fun and interesting approach to death.

You can watch Pushing Daisies on the CW Seed app if you log in with your cable provider.

Schitt’s Creek

schitt's creek

It might seem like a mighty big stretch to assume that lovers of The Good Place will also love Schitt’s Creek, but who doesn’t love Schitt’s Creek? This cast of self-centered characters is a lot like Eleanor and her lot.

They’re stuck in what feels like the most hellish situation imaginable, and they’re still able to find some good in it and grow closer as a family.

When Johnny Rose is defrauded by a business partner and left penniless, he and his family are forced to move to a small town that he bought as a joke. Schitt’s Creek is far from the glamorous lifestyle they’re used to, but they manage to find meaning and happiness anyway.

The series finale of Schitt’s Creek currently streams on Pop TV online and the first five seasons are on Netflix for your enjoyment.

Good Girls

good girls

Motherhood is never easy, but these three moms living in suburban Michigan have concocted a plan to make it a whole lot easier – or so they think. They’re going to pull off a massive money heist.

Unfortunately, nothing goes according to plan and as it turns out, robbing a grocery store is harder than it looks. If you like The Good Place hijinx, you’ll love Good Girls.

You can catch the latest season of Good Girls on the NBC app and the rest of the series on Netflix.

Santa Clarita Diet

santa clarita diet

This Netflix original was canceled way too soon, but you can still enjoy all three seasons, and you will love it if you loved The Good Place. These characters find themselves in hilarious and strange situations that only get funnier as they completely overreact to everything.

When Sheila becomes a zombie and kills the neighbor for food, the family is forced to figure out how to hide the body – on ice, so she can eat it later. They come up with a plan to find only the bad people and kill them because they deserve it.

You can currently stream Santa Clarita diet on Netflix.

Dead Like Me

dead like me

This show follows multiple grim reapers as they remove souls before death. Georgia and her friends offer more mature themes than The Good Place while still exploring the intricacies of the afterlife.

It’s also similar to The Good Place in that it explores the idea that death isn’t as final as we might think, but only one stop on the journey of the soul. The paring of an unlikely group of characters with interactions that make them want to be better is a continuing theme.

You can catch Dead Like Me on Hulu and other stream service providers.

Good Omens

good omens

For a hilarious spin on the afterlife, check out Good Omens. It follows the obscure adventures of an angel and a demon who have become quite good friends during their separate missions to ensure Armageddon happens.

As they grow more attached to the earth and each other, they have to decide whether they actually want to apocalypse to happen or not. It is similar to The Good Place in terms of how the interference of higher beings can affect humans, and it does a great job of blurring the lines between good and evil.

You can stream Good Omens on Amazon Prime Video.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

brooklyn nine nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine shares the same element of goofy as The Good Place, which makes sense because they’re both from the same creator. However, Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows a cast of detectives in the 99th precinct. It’s a comedic police procedural with a different case every week.

It deals with relationships at work and outside the office. There’s an element of Brooklyn Nine-Nine that’s so similar to The Good Place, it wouldn’t be too much for a stretch to believe they take place in the same universe.

You can watch the first six seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine are currently streaming on Hulu.



An oldie, but goodie, Cheers follows an endearing cast of characters as their lives intersect at the bar. If you love Michael on The Good Place, you’ll likely enjoy Cheers because it features a younger Ted Danson.

You’ll find that the Cheers characters have similar personalities to The Good Place cast and their interactions are hilarious and loveable.

All Cheers seasons are now on Netflix.

The Office

the office

This mockumentary aired for nine seasons and has a huge following. The Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin paper company has a lovable band of misfits working there, and their antics are real, hilarious, ridiculous, and cringeworthy.

The creator of The Good Place was also a writer on The Office, so some of the same humor plays through. They’re both character-driven comedies, but The Office is more reality-based and definitely a great watch.

You can stream all nine seasons of The Office Netflix, for now, but is set to be removed at the end of 2020.



Superstore involves more comedy in the workplace. Cloud 9 superstore is home to plenty of interesting characters with unusual personal problems. These dilemmas play out in front of other employees, corporate, and even customers.

If you like the idea that everyone is good at their core, but they don’t always know how to show it, you’ll love Superstore. Everyone in Superstore has done several morally questionable things, but in the end, you still want to see them succeed.

You can stream the first four seasons of Superstore on Hulu.

Parks and Recreation

parks and recreation

Parks and Rec, as it is lovingly called by its adoring fans, is another mockumentary-style sitcom that takes place in the parks and recreation office of a small town. It follows the city workers as they embark on numerous adventures throughout their hometown.

It has similar humor styles to The Good Place, so if you like The Good Place, you’ll also find Parks and Rec hilarious.

You can stream Parks and Recreation on both Netflix and Hulu.



If you’re into underlying cultural messages of importance, Black-ish is a great way to enjoy some humor while making a statement. The show is so well-loved that it has since produced two spinoffs that you should also check out – Mixed-ish and Grown-ish.

The Johnson family is an upper-class black family living in the suburbs of southern California. She’s a doctor and he’s an ad executive, and together they’re raising five children to be proud of their heritage. It’s hilarious and meaningful, much like The Good Place.

You can catch Black-ish, Grown-ish, and Mixed-ish on Hulu.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

zoey's extraordinary playlist

The quiet loner computer nerd who’s secretly adorable is an all too familiar plot. But in this case, Zoey, who is a computer programmer, gets her life turned upside down in an instant. All of a sudden, the people around her express their innermost thoughts through song – but only she can hear it.

This strange curse turns out to be a blessing when Zoey realizes that she can use these songs and emotions to connect with people on a deeper level. If you love watching unsuspecting friendships form right before your eyes, you’ll enjoy this show.

You can stream this show on Hulu.


Why you should watch The Good Place

While that’s technically not a question, a lot of people do ask why they should be watching it. It was short-lived, but spectacular in its brevity. It explores themes related to death and the afterlife, what makes a person good, and the idea that everyone is inherently good, despite their bad choices.
It’s an offbeat comedy that will have you giggling at the obvious humor and rolling at the subtle pop culture references and quippy jabs. If you haven’t watched it, you should. It’s bubbly and fun while still raising important questions about the morality of humans.
It has so many different elements sprinkled throughout that it appeals to multiple demographics and it’s a great way to unwind and enjoy a show or ponder the deeper meaning of life.

What’s the most viewed series on Netflix?

The Good Place doesn’t top the list of the most-watched shows on Netflix, which surprises those of us who love it so much. However, if you’re looking for something else to watch now, you could check out some of the other top shows.
Stranger Things has 64 million views, so you can probably assume it’s well-liked by a lot of different people. It’s nothing like The Good Place, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it.
The Umbrella Academy, La Casa de Papel, You, Sex Education, Our Planet, Unbelievable, and Dead to Me are the next most popular shows if you want to give them a watch.

What is the number 1 Netflix series?

Netflix produces a lot of original content, Santa Clarita Diet included. However, their most popular original series is called BoJack Horseman, starring Alison Brie from Community (which you may also love), and Will Arnett, and Amy Sedaris.
In this world where humans and talking animals live together, a washed-up TV star tries to find his way back to some semblance of normal life, making poor decisions along the way. Oh, and he’s an animated horse in love with a human.
On the surface, it’s hilarious, but deep down, you’ll also enjoy the satire of celebrity culture and Hollywood life. It may take you a couple of episodes to get into it, but once you do, it’ll be hard to stop.

The Verdict

After lamenting the early demise of one of your favorite shows, it can be hard to pull yourself together enough to want to watch another. When The Good Place left us, we had a mix of emotions. Now that we’ve moved past its abrupt end, it’s time to find something else. If you’re on the prowl for the next best thing, try any of the similar shows on this list.

If you like shows that challenge your beliefs of the afterlife, try Dead Like Me or Good Omens. Dead Like Me has more mature themes while Good Omens features some fantastic English humor.

If you enjoy watching people who have a certain power over death, you may enjoy Pushing Daisies or Santa Clarita Diet. While Pushing Daisies has a similar bubbly quality as The Good Place, Santa Clarita Diet is darker but equally hilarious.

And for a loveable band of misfits that nothing seems to go right for, try the hilarity of Schitt’s Creek or The Office. Both are completely ridiculous but in very different ways. No matter what you choose, you’re likely to find another favorite show to watch through to the end.

If you also happen to be looking for more options, check the 15 Best Movies Like Gone Girl, and the Best Shows Like This is Us.

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