The Box Movie Explained – All You Need to Know

Halloween is right around the corner! Are you looking for a scary film to ring in the spooky season? You’ll want to check out The Box! The Box is a thriller released in 2009 and was directed by Richard Kelly. The film stars Cameron Diaz and James Marsden as a married couple who are facing financial difficulties. But when a strange man offers them a box that will give them $1 million with the press of a button, the pair are still reluctant. That’s because someone will die when they press the button. The Box is filled with twists and turns, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats for the entire two-hour film. But there may be some premises that are difficult to understand. Don’t worry, we will cover the basics of the film as well as explaining the ending. With that being said, this article does contain spoile

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Best Shows Like American Horror Story Worth Giving a Try

We’re officially entering the spooky season, and there’s no better show to cover than American Horror Story. It’s no surprise that American Horror Story (often abbreviated as AHS) is one of the most popular TV shows on the air. The ninth season, AHS: 1984, was averaging over two million viewers. AHS is unique for many reasons. First, no two seasons are the same. AHS has a new storyline, new characters, and new horrors for every season. AHS puts a lot of emphasis on the setting. For example, Asylum was mainly filmed in the asylum and focuses on the patients and the demented staff members, while the first season, Murder House, focuses on the house the family moves into and the creepy things that happen there. Are you ready for AHS season 10? Well, it won’t come out Continue Reading Best Shows Like American Horror Story Worth Giving a Try

The Top Shows Like Shameless [2021 Options]

Shameless is one of the most popular TV series right now. During its fourth series, the show was averaging 5.7 million weekly viewers. The show centers around a family, where the father Frank Gallagher (played by Oscar-nominated actor Willian H. Macy) spends his free time drinking at bars. His oldest daughter Fiona (played by Emmy Rossum) takes over many of the family and household responsibilities. Shameless is described as a “dramedy” or a picture between a drama and a comedy. Viewers can see the hilarity but also the seriousness of the dysfunctional family. The series is based on the British TV show of the same name

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2036 Origin Unknown Explained: Overview, Story + Characters!

2036 Origin Unknown is a 2018 sci-fi film starring Katee Sackhoff as the main character, Mackenzie "Mack" Wilson. The film centers around a Mars exhibition that was overtaken by the AI bot, ARTI. Did you watch this film and still have questions? Don’t feel bad — even though the bulk of the movie takes place in one setting, there are many changes in the storyline, and they all happen suddenly. Mixed with the science mumbo-jumbo that the average person doesn’t understand, following 2036 Origin Unknown isn’t easy and you’ll have to watch this film a couple of times to fully understand what happened. Or, you can continue reading this guide where we will explain the events that occurred, plus a possible explanation of the ending.

2036 Origin Unknown: The Overall Story

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