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The Best Movies Similar to Interstellar – Top Sci-Fi Movies to Not Miss!

If you’re a fan of Sci-Fi and haven’t been living under a rock for the past decade, then you definitely have seen Interstellar. One of Christopher Nolan’s most ambitious and charismatic movies. With a star-studded cast that includes Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon, and Michael Caine, we are taken for a hell of a ride, incredible scenes, tremendous acting, impeccable music, and with a plot that you will absolutely love it (or hate it!). 

In a dystopian future, where humanity’s survival is not guaranteed on Earth anymore, scientists find a wormhole in the proximity of Saturn that leads to another galaxy and a system with a dozen planets, where life may be possible for humanity.

NASA sends 12 astronauts (one astronaut on each planet) to check if life is possible in those planets. The problem with that mission is that it’s a self-sacrificial mission since the astronauts will have to conduct experiments to see if the planet can harbor life.


In case the answer is positive, they will send a signal and wait to be rescued, if not, they will have enough supplies to last for some years and then come to terms with the fact that they will die alone on a distant planet. Joe Cooper (McConaughey) and a crew of three more astronauts are charged with visiting the planets that may be suitable for humanity. 

The plot of the movie isn’t scientifically accurate because it’s not meant to be watched as a science documentary, but rather a film that deals with sacrifice, betrayal, love, anger, and fear among other emotions. Despite some scientific inaccuracies, Christopher Nolan made sure that in some ways, the movie is scientifically sound, and by hiring Kip Thorne, a famous theoretical physicist to help with the scientific part of the movie, it becomes instantly more watchable. If you have enjoyed Interstellar as a Sci-Fi movie, we have compiled a list of movies that are similar to it, and that you may enjoy. 

Top Movies Similar to Interstellar

1. The Martian 

Movies Similar to Interstellar - the martian

In the near future, NASA sends a manned mission to Mars, and after a dust storm, the crew is forced to evacuate from the planet and get back to their orbiting vessel. However, during the dust storm Mark Watney (Matt Damon) gets lost and injured, and the crew is forced to leave without him, presuming that he is dead.

Watney wakes up after the storm and manages to get back to the surface habitat and manages to successfully perform a self-surgery. Back on Earth, a funeral is held for him, and only after some time, they realize that he has survived the dust storm. Watney is forced to wait until he is rescued, and in the meantime, he shows his versatility as a scientist as he manages to survive the harsh climate of Mars. 


First and foremost, we find Matt Damon playing the same role in two different movies, albeit in Interstellar, he is the anti-hero, whereas, in The Martian, he is the badass scientist that survives all by himself on a hostile planet. We are also treated with stunning pictures of the space and the red planet throughout the movie, just like in Interstellar.  


The main difference is the tone of the movie because, in The Martian, we are introduced into a future where scientists deal with the red planet and the survival of an astronaut, while in Interstellar, humankind depends on a few astronauts and their secret mission.  

Where to watch it online:  

Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Youtube, and Xfinity, among other websites. 

2. Moon 

Movies Similar to Interstellar - moon

Moon is an excellent example of the fact that you don’t need hundreds of millions of dollars in order to give the fans a hell of a ride. With a budget of only $5 million, and incredible acting from Sam Rockwell, we get to see Sam Bell working on the Sarang Station, that is built on the Moon.

The station requires only one person to maintain the entire operation of mining helium-3, which turns out to be an alternative fuel and launching the canisters back to Earth. What seems like a regular job for Sam Bell, turns out to be a creepy adventure that includes human clones, and a greedy and corrupt corporate (Lunar Industries), that tries to cut expenses by any means necessary. 


Let’s start with the robot GERTY, who is quite similar to TARS and CASE from Interstellar, and the idea that in the future, traveling through space, we will be accompanied by AI.  


If you’re into movies with plenty of characters, then you will not enjoy this one since you will have to get used to seeing the face of Sam Rockwell most of the time, and the build-up may seem a little slow sometimes.  

Where to watch it online: 

Showtime, Youtube, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, iTunes Store. 

3. 2001: A Space Odyssey  

a space odysssey

Next on our list of movies similar to Interstellar is an all-time classic and one of Stanley Kubrick’s masterpieces, 2001: A Space Odyssey. It has survived the test of time with immaculate success. The theme of the movie is what would happen if AI became self-aware and plenty of other existential ideas. If you’re a fan of Interstellar, you will surely love this one. 


Just like in Moon, and Interstellar, we get to meet an AI that is quite important to the main plot. When you also add to this movie the stunning images of space, you get the sense that these two movies have many things in common. 


Many critics and fans have criticized Nolan for trying too hard to copy 2001: A Space Odyssey. However, despite the similarities, these two movies are separated by the fact that Nolan deals more with the burden of human guilt and sacrifice. 

Where to watch it online: 

Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, iTunes Store, Vudu, Google Play. 

4. Arrival 


Possibly one of the best movies of the decade in any genre, Arrival takes place on Earth, where 12 extraterrestrial spacecraft have landed on different locations across the globe and in the U.S. Louise Banks (Amy Adams) is recruited to try and understand more about these spacecraft, and later on, understand more about the intentions of the aliens that have landed. 


Both in Interstellar and Arrival, we deal with the future of humanity. In Arrival, we learn that aliens have come to offer us help, but in return, we will have to help them 3,000 years from now. In Interstellar, we hear throughout the entire film, an entity referred to as “they” help humans, first by creating the wormhole close to Saturn and also, later on, the tesseract within the Gargantua black hole. 


Arrival differs in the fact that it concentrates more on language and communication, rather than action and bravado. The acting of Amy Adams was nothing short of spectacular, and when you also add incredible actors like Forest Whitaker and Jeremy Renner, we can’t find anything to complain about. 

Where to watch online: 

Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, iTunes Store, Google Play, Vudu, Epix, SyFy. 

5. The Dust Bowl 

dust bowl 1

This fantastic documentary miniseries aired back in 2012 and masterfully recounts the happenings of the Dust Bowl that happened in the U.S. back in the 1930s.  


Nolan was so profoundly impacted by this documentary that interviews made for this documentary, could also be seen on Interstellar.  


Aside from the fact that it’s a documentary based on real events, The Dust Bowl deals only with the devastation that took place during that time. 

Where to watch it online: 

Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Yidio. 

6. Gravity 


Gravity is quite an entertaining movie. The premise of the film deals mostly with what would happen if things went wrong in space. It’s quite an adventure from the beginning to the end.  


Interstellar and Gravity both have got some things scientifically right and wrong. While some of the inaccuracies are almost ridiculous, they managed to get a couple of things right. It’s quite hard making everything scientifically accurate without increasing the chances of turning the movie into a snoozefest (not saying that scientifically accurate movies aren’t entertaining). 


While it certainly is an enjoyable movie, Gravity feels more like an action movie rather than a movie that also makes science cool. 

Where to watch it online: 

Youtube, iTunes Store, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu. 

7. Inception 

Inception is one of the most famous movies of Christopher Nolan, and it is an adventure that has you glued to your seat from the beginning to the end. Dealing with the idea of entering someone’s minds and extracting information.  


Inception and Interstellar deal with themes and topics that have been made into movies before, but these two movies are like a breath of fresh air. In Inception, we get to see Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) play the role of a thief, but a thief that enters people’s heads by infiltrating their dreams. Nolan isn’t afraid in both movies of stepping into fantasy to make the plot more interesting. Oh, and let’s not forget the breathtaking music by the legendary Hans Zimmer. 


Inception is more action-packed and also has some exciting ideas that will still make you want to rewatch the film. On the other hand, Interstellar is more focused on beautiful photography and mad science at times, as well as the performance of Matthew McConaughey, which was absolutely amazing.

I’m sure many fans have enjoyed the touching scene where he gets to see the messages of his children after twenty-three years that he spent on Miller’s planet, due to time dilation. 

Where to watch it online:  

Vudu, iTunes Store, Youtube, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, Fandango Now. 

8. Contact 


Based on the novel with the same name from the legendary Carl Sagan. The central character of the movie is Dr. Eleanor Arroway, who is portrayed by Jodie Foster, who is a SETI scientist. The central theme of the film deals with extraterrestrial life and making the first contact. It masterfully deals with the fear that we might not be alone, and how we would react in such a case. 


For starters, it has Matthew McConaughey as a co-star, and we get to also see another similarity with Interstellar, a father-daughter relationship. Just like in Interstellar, the daughter is influenced into becoming a scientist by her father, and that plays a significant role in the central theme of the movie. 


Both movies deal with the unknown, but in Contact, we get to deal with the idea of making contact with an unknown species and how humanity would react to it, rather than having to deal with saving the world by getting “help” from an unknown civilization. 

Where to watch it online: 

Amazon Prime Video, Direct TV, Youtube. 

9. Sunshine 


With a star-studded cast that includes Cillian Murphy, Rose Byrne, and Chris Evans, as scientists tasked with reigniting our Sun that is dying. In a dystopian future, eight people are charged with piloting a gigantic nuclear bomb that may reignite our star. It seems to be like a more villainous version of Interstellar.  


Both are set in a dystopian future where humanity depends on the success of a handful of people, and the success of the entire mission hangs on a thread. Let’s not forget to add the crazy ideas in both movies, such as trying to reignite the Sun or entering a black hole and seeing a tesseract.  


Sunshine seems a little bit more of a slasher movie that fits better in the horror genre, rather than a Sci-Fi movie that deals with the fate of humanity.  

Where to watch it online:  

Google Play, Youtube, iTunes Store, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu. 

10. Mission to Mars 

mission mars

Set in 2020, a group of astronauts heads to planet Mars, and upon arrival, they discover a crystalline formation that might be useful for human colonization of the planet in the future. At the end of the movie, we learn that we are just the descendants of Martians that used to live on the red planet but had to leave Mars and go to Earth. 


Mission to Mars deals with some existential questions, just like Interstellar, and the explanation at the end of each movie is quite remarkable. It’s definitely an enjoyable movie that can be watched more than once. 


Maybe it is the fact that it’s done around 15 years before Interstellar, but the CGI on this movie is not the best, to say the least, and that makes it a bit hard to watch at times.  

Where to watch it online:  

Google Play, Youtube, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes Store, Vudu. 

11. Prometheus 


Another blockbuster on this list, that was quite successful at the box office. At the end of the 21st century, a group of scientists and an AI robot played by Michael Fassbender to perfection, set foot on the LV-233 Moon, trying to learn more about the past of humanity, and in the process, face a new threat that may be the doom of humankind.  


Since it’s directed by Ridley Scott, you know you’re in for some gorgeous pictures throughout the movie, and just like Nolan, he knows how to captivate the viewer with a great script and an excellent plot. 


The similarities between these two movies end when Scott introduces us to the alien creatures that want to do only one thing to humans, murder them in gory ways. The film has a nice build-up in the beginning, with the introduction of the “Engineers.” However, that subtlety goes out of the window when the entire crew of Prometheus desperately tries to get the hell out of LV-233. 

Where to watch it online: 

Google Play, TNT, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, iTunes Store. 

Movies Similar to Interstellar – Final Thoughts

There you have it! My 11 top movies like Interstellar for your next Sci-Fi adventure! Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below!

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