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Game of Thrones Spoilers Without Context: Read This Before Watching!

Unlock Key Plots Points Without Ruining the Show

How many times have people asked whether you’ve seen Games of Thrones or not? Take a second and ponder the question.

Unless you’re wearing a shirt or sporting a GOT water bottle, you’ve probably been accosted a few times by friends and strangers as too if you’ve seen it or know anything about it. Some people have even been turned off of potentially watching it by how much others seem to love it.

Saying that Game of Thrones was a massive hit is a little bit of an understatement. During its initial run, the show averaged over 44 million viewers and beginning in season six, and each episode had a budget of $10 million.

Those are borderline unbelievable numbers for a television show. Especially one that isn’t on network TV and particularly for a series based on books that most people had never heard much about.

Even though the show wrapped up in May of 2019, the show is as popular as ever. There are multiple spin-offs, an animated drama series, and a new book are all in the making. The show also sells large quantities of merchandise and is considered one of the best television shows ever created.

A Quick Blurb About Spoilers

I don’t want to date myself, but I remember a time before spoilers. They were the glorious days when avoiding learning about the plot of a movie centred around not picking up a movie magazine or telling your friend to “shut up” when they went to tell you about a particular film or show that they just saw.

But now, spoilers can get you fired, beat up or at least looked down upon by all your peers and colleagues.

So, whether you’re here to get an introduction into Game of Thrones to watch it at a later date or want a good laugh at the plot points you already know, here are some GOT spoilers without context.

Major Plot Point Spoilers with No Context

Season One

game of thrones Season One

An assortment of families lives in a crazy part of the world where you hit an ice wall if you walk one way. If you go the other way, you’ll find luscious beaches. You have no idea how far away these places are from each other, but it can be done in the span of an episode if that helps decipher that code.

A boy gets thrown out a window with little remorse from the jerk that did it. A father murders his daughter’s dog to “teach a lesson,” which is not a great parenting tip if you ask me. A woman gets pregnant but loses it, and we meet a guy who will be crucial in later seasons.

The annoying brother of the woman who lost her baby gets melted gold poured into his head, and everyone cheered. The sister eats a horse heart, and it was pretty gross.

She also finds some eggs that you can eat and hooks up with a horseback riding gentleman who is super ripped and tan. Two prominent families are destined for war, and a guy everyone liked gets murdered hard.

Season Two

game of thrones season 2

In season two, we learn more about the other families in the land who also really like the idea of warring with each other, but they don’t quite have the numbers, so they complain about each other a lot. New characters are introduced, like an incredibly tall person who will take on a very personal mission.

You meet a teenage boy you want to punch in the face whenever it appears on the screen. A very witch-like woman gives birth to a smoke baby, who kills someone. It looked more remarkable than it sounds.

Those mysterious eggs get stolen. A guy makes an array of terrible decisions, including turning his back on his friends and making out with his sister. Two other characters find love, and it doesn’t work out well. You start seeing more nudity, and the first of many wars take place.

Season Three

game of thrones season 3

We meet a bunch of new characters whose names all kind of sound alike and that you will probably forget immediately. We meet a group of soldiers who miss a pretty intense piece of anatomy, and a guy gets his hand cut off while imprisoned.

The eggs hatch to reveal creatures far too intense for our world but not the GOT universe. People kiss who you would never think would do so. A little more flesh gets flashed. A wedding with a red them takes place. Many characters who you have now begun to like get murdered terribly.

The woman with the creatures frees a large army of slaves and does her best, crowd-surfing over them while they cheer. Oh, and the head of a wolf gets sewn to the body of a beloved character. It was pretty rad. Also, a fella gets his manhood cut off and sent to his sister, but he’s kept alive. This is pretty par for the course when it comes to this show.

Season Four

game of thrones season 4

One of the only characters left is like a giant wall made of ice from the threat of things called what sounds to me like a band name from the ’70s. That bratty teen from earlier who had married a lovely teen is killed…at his wedding!

A far too graphic sex scene between two siblings caused some eyebrows to rise. But don’t worry – this was in the books, so it’s less creepy, says some strange people on the internet.

The oldest daughter of a family that has been virtually wiped out is brought to a safe place by a man with a creepy mustache, voice and name. The new king of the land is far too young for the job.

A woman is pushed out of a giant hole in a castle on a mountain by the creepy guy, but right before, she explained why she is partially to blame for this whole house’s fighting thing. Honesty isn’t always the best policy.

A mountain of a man competes in a trial by combat with another character who people liked. Guess what happens? The monster of a man crushed the nice guy’s skull until it exploded all over his sister. It’s funny how you start getting used to the depravity of this show as it goes on.

A massive battle occurs between the folks who guard the ice wall and a group of people you wouldn’t want to invite over for dinner. A guy kidnaps the youngest daughter of the family that everyone liked, and I assume this man doesn’t like mirrors.

The season ended with a terrible father being shot and killed by an arrow by this son. And the father was on the can while this took also.

Season Five

game of thrones season 5

Season five is the first season to have new ideas and not just plot points from the novels. So basically, the gloves are completely off by this point. After the lousy dad gets killed, his incestuous and extremely mean daughter takes over power of the land, and no one is too stoked about it.

The young daughter from that family we like starts training with a guy who knows how to stay under the radar. The guy who cut off that dude’s little buddy also enjoys hunting humans for sport.

Not very sporting when the pretty isn’t armed, though, in my opinion. He marries the oldest daughter of that family we like. He is mean to her.

Our buddy protecting the wall is now friends with some of those wild people you don’t want coming to your house. But they’re not all bad. We also meet the king of the people how to have the ’70s band name. He looks like he could use a jacket.

A man burns his daughter to death because the witch lady told him, but he is then rightfully killed by a very tall person. The person with the now hatched eggs flies around on her creatures, and the CGI sometimes looks great and other times looks horrific.

The young daughter who was training is now blind, but her other senses make up for it. The mean lady in charge is sent to prison and has to walk down the street naked out of shame. Karma, am I right?

His men stab the guy from the wall that we like for becoming friends with the wild people but don’t worry about him.

Season Six

game of thrones season 6

The witch who hates kids is found actually to be an older woman in magical disguise. The wall guy we like who was stabbed is brought back to life. No one was shocked. The kid who got pushed out of a window has been on a mystic quest throughout the series. He’s now back with some strange words and even stranger skills.

The lady with the eggs was captured and burned alive, but she walked out more badass than ever. More nude scenes and people get killed off. The window kid has a giant man as a friend and carrier since his legs don’t work so well after falling out of a window.

The friend only said one word, which becomes apparent in an episode where people cried, yelled and overall, just went crazy.

The now blind daughter comes back for revenge, and the guy with a messed-up face redeems himself by killing some nasty people. An episode takes place that you have probably heard about and didn’t realize if you don’t know the show.

A massive battle occurs between two men who have dad issues – the guy who was stabbed and came back, and the dirtbag hunts humans. Luckily, the people hunter wasn’t victorious, and he gets eaten by dogs.

The mean lady who had to walk naked blows upon the courthouse and most people around it. A solid way to avoid jail time, I suppose. We find out that the wall guy we like has different parentage, and we see the egg lady on her way to the capital. It’s about to get real.

Season Seven

game of thrones season 7

Exciting news! The kid who got pushed out of the window and his sister, who is now a blind assassin, reunite. The other sister, who was forced to marry the guy who hunted humans, is now in charge. The other siblings don’t exactly love her new attitude through

In some other good news, the guy with the creepy name and mustache finally gets his comeuppance and is executed for being an overall lying scumbag to everyone. He was on the murder list that the blind assassin is working her way through.

A whole family gets murdered for the role they played with the family that everyone hates in killing members of the family that everyone loved.

A famous ginger singer is in an episode for really no relevant reason, and a group of characters are heading north to face the impending doom brought on by the army of bad guys with the ’70s band name.

The guy who died but came back is found out to be the rightful heir to the throne that everyone plays games for and, the egg lady finds a new home. A massive battle on the seas takes place that was pretty cool.

Lastly, the dead guy who came back and the guy who killed his dad ask the egg lady to join forces to fight the army of the dead guys, but it doesn’t go exactly as they would have liked.

Season Eight

game of thrones season 8

Fans didn’t exactly adore the last season, but it still had some pretty intense moments.

The lady with eggs, who most liked them started getting a little too power-hungry, gets killed in the same fashion as her father. How cute. The oldest daughter of the family we all liked becomes a queen of the coldest part of the land.

Window boy becomes an elevated version of himself, and the guy who killed his dad makes his return to politics. A massive war between everyone left, the tribe of bad dead people with the weird name, and the good guys win.

So, we get a kind of happy ending with the family we liked right from the beginning is back in political power, and the world is a better place. Most of the scumbags have been killed off, and the houses seem to want to work together. It’s almost too fantastic to believe.

Other Shows You May Like if You Like GOT

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Question: Is Game of Thrones a Good Show?

Answer: Although considering something good is a very personal thing, GOT has many elements that make up a solid show. Great storytelling, likeable characters, and incredible cinematography make it a worthwhile show to check out.

Question: Can Kids Watch Game of Thrones?

Answer: Unless you’re a very relaxed parent, kids should probably not be watching GOT.

Question: Is There a Lot of Nudity in Game of Thrones?

Answer: There is a ton of nudity in GOT. Almost every episode involves a naked person and affection being shown.

In Conclusion

Game of Thrones isn’t for everyone. It wasn’t really for me at first, But the storytelling, cinematography and characters will have you entrenched in the mysteries of the show in no time.

I recommend checking it out, if only to say you gave it a whirl. Then the next time someone asks you what you think about GOT, you can at least give them an honest answer.